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Shashank Kota was born and raised in Galveston with his older sister, Sumedha. His parents emigrated from India to the United States in 1999 and have supported him throughout his journey.

Shashank has been involved in many organizations inside and outside of high school and has worked diligently to make sure he has contributed positively to it. Some of his favorite organizations in which he has been a part include UIL Computer Science, Taekwondo, Ball High Sports and National Math Honor Society.

In addition to his strong pursuit of academic success, Shashank has a strong competitive edge. In his freshman year, Shashank founded the UIL Computer Science Club and participated in competitions throughout Texas. He has won several awards at the district level and, in March 2020, won second place in the individual and team competition at the Waller UIL Invitational. In addition, his interest in computer science has spread outside of school. After being taught to program at an early age, he developed multiple phone apps that have garnered thousands of downloads. Shashank hopes to nurture his love of computing through the University of Texas ’Texas Computer Science and Business Honors program in Austin next fall.

Shashank is well regarded for his willingness to help others. At school, he never misses an opportunity to help his classmates with homework. Shashank volunteered with a local elementary school to teach students how to code and use new technologies, such as virtual reality and drones.

Shashank is determined to make a lasting impact on his community. He aims to identify as many problems as he can and seeks to find creative solutions for them. He is incredibly excited about what the future holds.

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