Vault Hill launches detailed white sheet plans for the Vault Hill City metaverse

LONDON, UK, September 19, 2021 / – The company plans to build a constructive metavers with 4 islands each with 7 districts dedicated to enhancing the human experience in the areas of Romance, Vitality, Play and more .

Vault Hill, the Blockchain-based start-up working to create the first metavers based on decentralized urban planning, announced today the release of its white paper. The 35-page document details the company’s plans to build an easy-to-use metaverse that enhances the human experience in a carefully planned urban development that incorporates an NFT market.

“By reading our white paper, you can really get an idea of ​​what we’re building: a metaverse that will make you feel MORE human.” said the Farringdon team.

The white paper details the team’s unique approach to using the principles of urban planning to erect a digital metaverse called Vault Hill City. Vault Hill City will consist of 4 islands each with 7 districts that focus on enhancing the areas of community human instinct, curiosity, idealism, play, romance, vision and vitality. Each district will have services and facilities dedicated to the area of ​​attention or the “topic” of the location. For example, Vitality will focus on the body, mind and environment. Our district will be equipped with fitness and health centers, mindfulness retreats, physiotherapy studies and collaborative models that look at environmental issues in an immersive way. The Vault Hill team’s collaboration strategy allows us to interact with real-world companies to develop these areas as individual VLAND NFT plots that companies can own and develop to create a virtual extension of their physical business. .

The White Paper sets out Vault Hill’s approach to building VLAND NFT plots as a way to enable content owners and creators to earn revenue from their creations and contributions to the metaverse. Using a smart contracting platform, owners of a metaverse gym, for example, could charge a membership fee to access virtual classes or treatments. The team will also create an NFT market that will allow users to switch to portable NFT and other virtual goods and accessories.

The white paper also outlines plans for the project’s business model that includes monetization through the sale of virtual land, perpetual copyright, advertising, architectural development, and XR simulations and consulting services. The document also covers the 3 phases of the sale of project tokens which are pre-seed at 0.02 cents per token, private sale at 0.03 cents per token and public sale (IDO) at 0.04 cents per token.

“Throughout the white paper, we outline a comprehensive plan to create a different metaverse to anyone currently in production.” Said Jimi Daodu, founder of Vault Hill. “We have carefully stepped up our roadmap and put together an extremely talented team to ensure that our vision comes true.”

To read the white paper and learn more about Vault Hill and its development timeline, visit the website at and follow the team on social media on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn and Instagram. For any queries, write to

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Vault Hill is a Blockchain-based start-up that builds a virtual reality world where activities can be performed in the physical world, reducing the distance between VR / AR technology and Blockchain technology, providing users with new and scalable experiences.

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