Vian goes to Van Gogh!

“He loves many things, because there is true strength and he who loves a lot does a lot and can achieve a lot, and what he falls in love with he does well.” – Vincent Van Gogh –

In my last artistic adventure, I told myself “Come on, go to the Van Gogh show“I did. I really enjoyed what I saw and all the Van Gogh I dived into. I walked to a sunflower field as I watched the stars swirl overhead as night approached. , they sailed boats at a distance while the farmers of the fields rest and sleep their day at home – All in one day in the world of Vincent Van Gogh’s expressive brushstrokes that take your eyes into a world of their own.For a day we can also be Van Gogh, stroll in the artist’s shoes / boots through the path of virtual reality and sit and immerse yourself in the projected art that floats and swims in a huge gallery space with wide, wide walls as far as Maybe this is what Vincent had imagined for us about how he sees his art.I know one thing, Vincent would have been pleased with this immersive artistic experience that celebrates and honors this great master artist in all forms and forms in through modern technology and reality come tual.

You see, bringing happiness to people’s hearts is something very essential, especially in these difficult times. In a world where the news is activated and nothing is surprised except the bad news: wars break out, mutations in Frankenstein’s COVID disease, the devastation of the hurricane, the destruction of forest fires … The world, the real world, it seems, has disappeared. So what to do? What needs to be done to dream and escape to a world of beliefs, to something outside that world? Immerse yourself, yes, immerse yourself and immerse yourself in the arts, and who better to immerse yourself in their art, if not the only Vincent Van Gogh.
This year, “Fever” has done us all good. He thrilled us all with his latest Immersive Vincent Van Gogh show here in Washington, DC. The experience of captive exposure in every sense of the word thanks to its multisensory approach. A very friendly staff will proudly welcome you to this wonderful show. Land staff guide you through this amazing exhibit. They help you with the portion of virtual reality that is my favorite part of the exhibition and engage you with life, struggles and what makes Van Gogh the perfect artist for a remarkable immersive show of a production. so high. It is not only Vincent’s masterful brushes and amazing art that attract viewers, but it is his unique story along with the struggles of his life that capture our soul. For example, I can relate to his struggles and his journey as an artist. I know what it takes and how difficult an artist’s life can be. As the road is not always pleasant, as the road can be darkened with fog while the crows fly and puff above. I know the fever they feel their blows, I feel them too. So the beauty of this immersive show is that it transports you to the world of Van Gogh in such a simple and happy way that for at least one day we can see what Vincent saw.
I would definitely recommend this experience to all DMV art lovers. If you need to immerse yourself in a virtual art exhibition experience, let it be.
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