Virtual Global Sports and Vytal Studios to produce a virtual world of sports experiences

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Vytal Studios Creations Division has partnered with Virtual Global Sports, Inc. (VGS) to produce next-generation digital games and virtual reality experiences.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 / – Vytal Studios’ creations division has partnered with Virtual Global Sports, Inc. (VGS) to produce next-generation digital games and virtual reality experiences.

Founded in 2020, VGS provides a multitude of new visual experiences across a wide range of sports. Working with the best athletes and professional sports organizations in the world, VGS creates solutions that significantly enhance the experience, commitment and excitement of fans.

At the professional and collegiate level, VGS works with the players, coaches, and administrators of each organization to integrate their unique experience into the desired enhanced artificial intelligence experiences.

These new visual experiences can be licensed and provided to fans and young people around the world, not only to increase knowledge, but to simultaneously expand the scope of the sport and the most prominent brands in the sport.

“I have been working in the marketing and sports licensing industry for over 35 years and have interacted with hundreds of players, coaches, drivers, teams and leagues. There is a whole new world for sports brands and VGS is well positioned to offer the biggest brands and licensed brand distributors opportunities to earn revenue from their brands that didn’t exist until now. Vytal Studios Creations Division met all the criteria we wanted in a virtual experience development company. The capabilities of Vytal Studios are substantial and we could not be more excited about this relationship and the future of VGS, ”said Chris Williams, VGS Vice President of Marketing.

VGS has partnered with Vytal Studios, a leader in advanced artificial intelligence and virtual reality solutions, to be the technology development company for creating visual and physical effects as well as system intelligence. This will include virtual coaches, attending professional sporting events that include virtually field or track views, and purchasing virtual merchandise such as NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). VGS is developing key partnerships that will enable one of the largest collections of virtual experiences available on the market, and its partnership with Vytal Studios allows for rapid deployment of radically different functions.

“The VGS team is top notch and our team is happy to work with them. Not only to integrate state-of-the-art mechanics with advanced technology, but, over time, reduce the cost of ownership to levels closer to traditional gaming systems like Xbox and PlayStation for more people around the world , regardless of the economy, can enjoy all kinds of sporting experiences we produce, ”said Matt Woolman, director of strategy at Vytal Studios.

Vytal Studios, based in Richmond, VA, is an advanced digital production studio that creates transformative experiences that enhance people’s lives through video, short and feature films, simulations, games, and augmented reality.

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