Virtual reality brings children with disabilities to the heart of the action of the Olympic Games

With spectators largely banned at this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, enthusiasts have had to come up with new ways to bring fans of virtually every skill as close to the action as possible.

With the support of major Japanese companies, students at Tokyo’s Bokuto School for the Physically Handicapped were able to participate in the games using a virtual reality display dome installed in their school’s gym.

The children also had the opportunity to “meet” athletes through a camera and play with an Olympic pet robot provided by Toyota Motor Corps.

Shinya Shoji, the school’s principal, said she hopes the success of the event will open the doors to others like it in the future.

“Because we can celebrate this event here, it can be celebrated anywhere in the world,” he said.

“This is the message I want to explain. There are some unfortunate things, as spectators are not allowed on the premises, but I think it’s really amazing that we can feel that we’re watching the Games in the stadiums thanks to technology. “

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