Virtual reality experiences to try in Dubai

Far Cry at Dubai Arena
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Virtual reality headsets give a whole new meaning to the word escape. When you equip yourself (headphones and sometimes backs and toy guns) and head into a well-designed world, it transports you; the rules of reality feel flexible and the focus of the mission is all you think about, for a few moments; games usually last between 15 and 30 minutes; be part of another person’s narrative; a character who plays a role.

In the case of “Far Cry,” which I tried at Arena Games, I stayed on “Rook” Island fighting “pirates” who wanted me dead. There was a walk lined with toxic mushrooms and even some magical opponents. I found myself screaming at the shock of things. The cornices looked as real as they would be in real life. So was my heartbeat.

Playing with family or friends offers, of course, an added bonus – you now have someone behind you. It is also ideal for team building. But I still engage in escapism, and that gives me captivating moments during the game. Do you want to drop it? This is a good way to go.

Other virtual reality experiences to try in Dubai

VR Park Dubai it offers a wide range of experiences, from the dune blow to the free fall of Burj Khalifa. Credits start at 200 Dh.

Digital art theater: In the virtual room, you will be transported to studios by carefully recreated artists Goncharova and Malevich, inside Edvard Munch’s mysterious painting “The Scream” and “Morning in a Pine Forest” by Ivan Shishkin.

IFly skydiving The simulator allows you to have a skydiving experience in a wind tunnel, making it an awesome experience. Dh350.

A Dreamscape at the Mall of the Emirates, you can see endangered species in space or help save a family of whales or have an Indiana Jones-style adventure. Tickets start at Dh75.

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