Virtual reality glasses that are used to relieve pain in hospital patients

More and more hospitals are showing video clips in virtual reality glasses to distract their patients during medical treatment, which can help reduce the likelihood of them experiencing pain. Deepening into another reality, patients are not so focused on the procedure that it can reduce fear and the intensity of physical sensations, AD reported.

“Virtual reality has been seen as a device for a long time, but it is now used more often as a medical tool,” Rudd Waulthers, a policy adviser at Innovatielab, told the newspaper.

Normally, patients undergoing kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, or suffering from nerve pain would be given medications to relieve them, but some experts say VR glasses can be used to replace painkillers. “Research has shown that the pain score decreased, on average, by two points on a scale of one to ten,” Waulthers said.

Virtual reality glasses have also been given to working women at Zuyderland Medical Center. “Women experienced the passage of time faster and the intensity of contractions decreased.”

Glasses can not only direct the patient’s attention to the pain, but they can also reduce the fear they may feel when faced with a difficult medical procedure. Some people may feel uncomfortable in a hospital setting.

“Such a patient calls a nurse every five minutes so as not to be alone. If you donate VR glasses, patients will relax, ”said Lonneke van Vogt, a nurse in hematology and oncology.

Ideally, far fewer painkillers should be administered less frequently in the future thanks to VR glasses. “Pain medication can have very bad side effects,” said anesthesiologist Michel Terheggen. “You won’t find VR glasses in the pharmacy, but I think we’ll be using a lot less medication soon,” he predicted.

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