Virtual reality headset sales have set for a global boom

Global sales of virtual reality headsets have increased by more than 50% in one year, according to the latest data from IDC. And that momentum looks set to continue, as just over 7 million units are expected to be sold in 2021. That figure could be four times higher by 2025.

Independent headphones account for more than 80% of sales. They are by far the easiest to understand and use. The best known on the market are the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Focus. They are mainly used for games and fitness, two main activities that predict the future of the sector.

Oculus, owned by Facebook, accounts for nearly two-thirds of virtual reality headset sales worldwide. Although the company currently dominates the consumer segment, it faces increased competition in the commercial segment, especially in Asia and especially in China, where local brands dominate.

In addition to Oculus, Chinese companies DPVR and Pico also performed well in the first quarter. HTC and Sony complete the top five virtual reality headset providers.

Looking to the future, IDC is optimistic. The long-term outlook remains fairly solid, with sales expected to reach 28.6 million by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 41% over the next four years. In the future, virtual reality should play an increasingly important role in training and professional projects.

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