Virtual reality movement by Entain

The British terrestrial and online sports book operator Entain has announced that it will pilot a new virtual reality experience later this year that has been designed to allow fans of various sports to “play games individually and with friends”.

The Isle of Man-based firm used an official press release stating that it will partner with the telecommunications giant Verizon Communications Incorporated’s Verizon Media group to launch its immersive entertainment experience in ‘sports clubs’ to several of its international brands.

Miscellaneous discovery:

Formerly known as GVC Holdings until a name change at the end of 2020, Maintain is one of the largest online sports betting companies on the planet thanks to a number of domains that include,, i In addition, the operator stated that its next innovation will be made available free of charge through Oculus Quest 2 headphones to allow fans “explore multiple virtual reality sports games. “

Respect in real time:

Sandeep Tiku is the chief operating officer of Entain, who is also responsible for the sites of,, i, and used the press release to proclaim that the forthcoming advancement of his company will also allow sports fans to play live football matches and “take exciting walks through immersive virtual reality content. ” As if that wasn’t enough and the executive revealed that innovation is giving fans the chance to “create fantasy programmingand enjoy computer-generated multi-sport games with friends, while pioneers protect them Advanced responsibility and attention custom player protection system.

Read a statement from Tiku …

“We continuously offer our customers a wide range of innovative and exciting experiences and virtual reality is an exciting opportunity to innovate in new ways. The goal is to mix sports, entertainment and different types of immersive play into one product to offer customers a great mix of new and exciting things to enjoy“.

Wider amplitude:

Entain is also a major player in the world of online casino gaming courtesy of its domains,, i and the company ended up saying it would come “Sports Club“the concept will appear”immersive experiences with music and groups“as a way to reflect their broader ambition”lead a new generation of interactive sports and entertainment.

Tiku’s statement said …

We know that consumers are looking for more multidimensional experiences in which the possibility of betting is only one of the ways in which they can enjoy. Tan, we want to surprise them and give them better experiences than they have ever had at the same time we use our cutting-edge technology to keep them safe ”.

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