Virtual test, AR and mobile will be the main drivers of retail sales in the store: news about footwear

Augmented reality will soon be more than a retail novelty and a large majority of consumers believe it will play an important role in the future of shopping.

According to a new Snapchat and Foresight Factory report he surveyed 20,000 consumers in 12 world markets in May 2021, there will be a 33% increase in the proportion of Generation Z buyers using RA before buying a product in 2025. It is projected that 45% of millennials will use RA.

Already 62% of American consumers who have used RA during purchases noted that technology encouraged them to buy.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic hit retail, forcing the store to close, when most reopened, shoppers were still unable to test the clothing and product in person. This inability to try and test products before purchase has been a hurdle, according to the study, and nearly half of U.S. consumers say they have found this frustrating.

As a result, Covid has only spurred the widespread adoption of RA and virtual product customization and instant testingofsale.

Now, looking forward to a post-COVID world, just under 30% of shoppers said they would actually prefer to use AR to try on clothes virtually, rather than visit a store to do so in real life.

Last year, Gucci launched new filters in collaboration with Snapchat that allowed platform users to virtually try on Gucci sneakers using the app. They were also able to buy the shoes immediately using a “buy now” button. According to retail experts interviewed in the report, AR should be a priority for retailers looking to optimize etrade ctotal satisfaction.

In addition, the boom in online shopping only continues to grow: 24% of American shoppers indicated that they will buy online even more over the next year compared to the last twelve months.

But virtual technology will not completely replace the wall. Instead, these innovations are needed to drive consumers to physical stores, equaling the convenience of online shopping.

This combination of digital with in-store experience is the future. So far, 35% of consumers said they would do their best to visit a store if they had interactive virtual services, such as a smart mirror that allowed them to try on clothes, according to the study.

The mobile is another tool ready to boost sales after the pandemic 63% of millennials responding that they will never shop without the cell phone.

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