Virtual test increases Bailey Nelson’s online conversions by 400%

Bailey Nelson has seen online sales conversion increase by 400% in Australia and more than 600% in Canada, thanks to an innovative virtual reality-based test solution for those who bring shows.

Said James Kerridge, head of marketing and digital at Bailey Nelson CMO that before the Covid-19 pandemic, the business had focused on stores, recognizing physical stores as a key point of contact to meet customer needs. The company operates 80 locations in four countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

While having closed stores in all markets in a week as a result of the first wave of Covid-19 blockades and facing uncertainty about how long the situation would last, it was clear that e-commerce and digital required a focus. meaningful.

“Even despite the blockade, there would be a continuing need for people to have access to glasses. The goal was to provide a more convenient service to people who need eye care, ”Kerridge said.

In addition to e-commerce, the Kerridge team was tasked with developing tactics that could differentiate the brand, as well as bridge the gap between online and offline customer experiences.

“We didn’t have a new virtual test solution: it was on our list, but as a result, we pushed ourselves to the top,” Kerridge continued. “I really wanted to make a big bet, not just rush for it and have the same as everyone else. Looking at what was there, I found that many virtual test products were obsolete on the market and did not take advantage of the best available technologies or use the best facial recognition technologies. ”

For Kerridge, Apple’s TrueDepth facial recognition capability was the group’s leader. He then met with Plattar, an Australian provider of augmented reality solutions and 3D platforms.

“At the time, Plattar wasn’t doing virtual tests, he was doing interesting things in the augmented reality space. We talked about giving the most accurate experience at home, taking advantage of facial recognition,” Kerridge explained. It’s essential if you try on glasses at home, you should have the same feeling and the same result when you get home. ”

The companies began an initial trial of the virtual trial of 60 products starting in February 2021. The strong business results were immediately evident and Kerridge worked quickly to achieve a full range of products.

“Australia performed better with Covid’s management than other markets at the time, but it still had a larger online presence and we saw a 400% improvement in conversion among those using this service,” he said. . “In Canada, which had ongoing outbreaks and several waves in most provinces, it was a much larger market uptake of 600%.

“This has allowed us to continue negotiating and caring for people who have eye care needs despite being presented with uncertainty blockages.”

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