Virtual therapy helps treat people with PTSD and other disorders

SOUTHERN COLORADO: When we think of virtual reality, we often think of entertainment. but RV has also become a useful tool in the mental health space. Virtual reality can help treat three mental health conditions, addiction, anxiety and PTSD, which has helped combat war veterinarians and refugees, coping with painful memories.

“Walk people in a way that they can feel a little healing,” explained Lisa Lichtenstein, a clinical therapist. “It can help your body and your minds have a different response,” he said.

Technology exposes them to loud sounds they might have experienced during the war, only this time they talk about the experience and choose to react differently, which desensitizes them to the event so they can move forward.

RV can also help curb addiction by showing healthy alternatives. This type of technology can also help deal with anxiety by training situations.

“It happens to a person for what they were previously anxious about and gives them the ability to use all of their representation systems, to see them safely and even comfortably,” Lichtenstein said.

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