Visit the Kennedy Center from home using augmented reality

Wednesday 18-08-2021 10:28

The Kennedy Center has launched an Augmented Reality (RA) virtual tour, accessible from the comfort of consumers ’homes.

The virtual tour is a collaboration between Zappar and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and is powered by Zappar’s WebAR technology.

The goal of the tour is to create an interactive and fun opportunity for families to explore the Kennedy Center campus from home while interacting with the whimsical characters created by the artist in the educational residence of the center, Mo Willems. This allows visitors to experience some of the educational and entertainment content that the center offers, while ultimately encouraging people to visit it in person once the center has completely reopened.

Visitors can follow Mo Willem’s Pigeon while touring them with their favorite places, with interactive locations and the opportunity to take selfies with the various characters.

The immersive visit of RA can be accessed via smartphones or tablets, without the need to download applications.

“We had such a wonderful response from the Tour the Kennedy Center app when it was launched and we were disappointed when it could no longer be used due to the effects of the pandemic,” said Eric Friedman, Kennedy’s director of digital learning. Center. “Taking advantage of this enthusiasm and thanks to our collaboration, we are very excited to launch a tour in this new format, which allows families and homes near and far to visit the Nation’s Cultural Center.”

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