Vodafone, a partner of Amazon to launch “cutting edge computing” in the UK

STOCKHOLM, June 16 (Reuters) – Vodafone (VOD.L) said on Wednesday that it has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) (AMZN.O) to launch “cutting-edge computing” services for its commercial customers in the UK. United Kingdom.

“Edge computing” uses augmented reality and machine learning to analyze the massive data where it was gathered (either on the factory floor, on the oil rig, or in office space) before moving it to remote servers in the cloud. To work, you need fast data transfers of the type that 5G will provide.

The launch follows Vodafone’s trials with companies in a wide range of areas, including sports technology, autonomous transport, biometric security, remote virtual reality and factory automation.

Vodafone said that under optimal conditions, the latency – the time required for data to travel between two points – could be as low as 10 milliseconds, compared to an average of 75 milliseconds for 4G.

“Edge Compute and 5G are a combination that no other service provider can offer in Europe, which means we can offer something unique to our customers,” said Anne Sheehan, business director of Vodafone UK.

“We have already seen new services developed by our researchers: the potential for completely new ideas that this combination allows is enormous.”

The company will initially offer low-latency “high-end computing” services to customers in and around London, as well as in cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Cardiff.

Customers in Scotland and the northern regions of England will receive service in 2022. AWS has perimeter services in Tokyo, Daejeon, South Korea and 10 U.S. cities.

Reports from Supantha Mukherjee, European correspondent for technology and telecommunications, based in Stockholm; edited by Jason Neely

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