Want a broom and explore Hogwarts: a look at the virtual reality experiences of the Harry Potter store in New York

Make calls Harry Potter and the Cursed Child they may be scarce, but there are still plenty of possibilities for actors to practice defeating Dark Wizards and flying through Hogwarts below Broadway. Hidden in Harry Potter shop in New York they are two virtual reality experiences that take visitors into the world of magicians, transforming muggles into their own character into a magical story.

There is Chaos at Hogwarts i The magicians take flightBoth offer fans the opportunity to enter a world of magic. Each experience has immersive 4D effects such as wind, water splashes and mobile platforms. One trip is stationary and the other outpatient; in both, the rider has control of his own movement.

Chaos at Hogwarts starts in the waiting room on platform 9 and 3/4 while students The magicians take flight he gets up from the Quidditch locker room. This is where performers can really play a leading role. For starters, the “students” choose an avatar by choosing one of the four skin tones and engaging your Hogwarts home. Then it’s time to put on the virtual reality gear, with motion sensors placed on your hands and feet and headphones.

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Once adapted, enter the virtual reality room to prepare for your adventure with a classic Standard book of spells, Chapter 7. Giving away much of what happens in both experiences would spoil half the fun, but in The magicians take flight, students fly through the Hogwarts grounds before Dobby shows up to throw a wrench on an idyllic day. In Chaos at Hogwarts, students must help reign in various creatures that run inside the castle, let go by … who else? Dobby.

While avoiding spoilers, here are some tips for artists that will maximize your immersive and theatrical business:

1. Explore some of Dumbledore’s army spells, as students will get physical wands to protect themselves from some dark magic. Elsewhere, don’t forget the grace and the flick!
2. You will see other guests as their avatars through your virtual reality headphones. It’s easy to avoid any bumps while exploring Hogwarts on foot. Flying to each other, though, is something else entirely. Get ready to get some trash on a broom.
3. Students can cast spells together to make their impact more powerful.

Harry Potter New York is at 935 Broadway. Check out some photos from the experience below.

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