Watch augmented reality turn a boy into a direct skeleton

It’s incredibly awesome.

Skin and bones

The technology behind augmented reality (RA) is becoming increasingly sophisticated. For a compelling example, look no further than freelance developers who create awesome lenses and filters for Snapchat and TikTok.

Do this demo of a Snapchat goal, from a developer named Kavin Kumar. It shows the ability of your lens to turn a person’s flesh into, well, bone:

Awesome segmentation

While the skeleton graphics themselves look a bit like PlayStation 2, the person’s skin segmentation is incredibly impressive.

The software not only knows how to turn a person’s head and neck into bones, but is also able to recognize and transform their body when they lift their shirt. The applications of virtual garments (or virtual bodies) are clearly immense.

Try it for yourself with this Kumar Snapchat Lens Unlock Code.

More information about RA: Facebook is working on an incredibly horrible augmented reality Fedora

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