We visited Excalibur VR recently opened in Washington City. Property of the municipalities.

Excalibur VR is a new virtual reality game room and more, located on Egg Harbor Road in Washington City. They opened about 2 months ago and we stopped recently to check out what it is.

It’s a lot of fun, and when you’re having a great time, you also help a family in the township, as this fun center is owned by the Allen family of Washington Township.

Excalibur VR is located in the Acme Mall on Egg Harbor Road. They bring a fun element to a center that has many options for delicious food and snacks. It’s a fun one-on-two combination.

Excalibur VR – Egg Harbor Road, Washington

Have a fun day in Washington Township, starting with Excalibur VR and heading a minute to eat or snack at Pomodoro Pasta, Chipotle, First Watch, Bistro Di Marino, Bruster’s Ice Cream, Cold Stone Creamery … And many more options!

Daylight saving time is in place: Thursday-Sunday from 12 to 9 p.m.

You can enter, but they also accept reservations online or by phone. 856-716-6321

On our visit a few weeks ago, we chatted for a few minutes with the children of the Allen family … who are old enough to run the facility sometimes, as they are high school students in the municipality of Washington.

Excalibur Gaming

Excalibur VR Gaming

We wrote about Excalibur in April before the May opening. If you’re not familiar with virtual reality games, here’s a quick update.

In many ways, virtual reality games are like playing a video game. I mean … IT’S A VIDEO GAME!

But the big twist is that instead of looking at a traditional screen, bring Google-style headphones that have the screens embedded. It’s like TV monitor glasses!

The configuration includes motion and zone sensors to track head and hand movements.

Excalibur VR Gaming – Washington Township NJ

Sophisticated teams can determine where you are looking and since your entire field of view is on your computer screen, game software can create 100% immersive virtual worlds.

Motion sensors are a key part because, when you turn your head to the left … the vision of the glasses also rotates, as if you were really inside this digital world looking around!

Although it is an illusion … it quickly becomes very real. And this mental vision trick becomes fun when you add creative game software.

With the turn of a switch, it will transport you to a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean, fighting other rival ships.

You can run a crazy, high-speed virtual 3D cookie factory.

How about a Wild West shootout with an alien touch ?!

Virtual basketball !?

Or even a cute Cat superhero game, flying around the city saving kittens ?!

There really is something for everyone with Excalibur VR. All ages will find it an exciting adventure to do it.

Battlewake VR; Pirates !!

Games, cranes and more!

Sure you can watch Excalibur VR for yourself, but the best way to visit it is with friends and family.

And not everyone is in the virtual reality world at the same time, so Excalibur offers other fun diversions.

They offer some classic but fun arcade games. Donkey Kong ?! Pacman! Fast and the Furious races!

They have “Crane Games” that everyone likes on the Jersey shore.

And even an air hockey table!

Prices and packages

The prices of VR games are mostly based on time. Their website shows the latest prices.

Birthday party packages are also available, with plans starting to use one of the RV cabins to rent the entire facility. There are pizzas and soft drinks in the mix.

Links and locations

Excalibur VR
415 Egg Harbor Road (Acme Mall)
Sewell, NJ 08080

Website: ExcaliburVR.com

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