What difference does Minecraft have in virtual reality?

Minecraft is available to play on various virtual reality platforms, but the experience is different from that of standard consoles. This is what changes.

Given the great popularity of Minecraft, even years after its initial release, it’s probably no surprise that it has support on so many consoles, including VR headsets. It is worth noting, however, that the game is not exactly identical in all versions. VR editions of Minecraft, in particular, it can be a discordant experience for some compared to playing on more traditional platforms like Xbox or PC.

Even now, part of MinecraftThe widespread success could be due to its active modding community, or perhaps to the large consistent upgrades that Mojang Studios has continued to provide. The most recent of these updates, Caves and cliffs, will launch its second half during the holiday season of 2021. In it, MinecraftThe height and depth of the world will increase and its world generation will be completely revised. New biomes will also be added, which should especially excite virtual reality players looking to explore new areas.

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Bye now, Minecraft has appeared on more than a dozen different platforms, including mobile devices. The Windows 10 game edition is one of the versions that includes virtual reality support for Oculus Rift, although before these community-made RV ports had been available. In late 2020 it was revealed that the PlayStation version of Minecraft it would also receive support for PlayStation VR. A Gear VR version is also available.

How to play Minecraft in virtual reality

What a difference Minecraft has in VR game visuals

Fortunately, MinecraftThe basic gaming experience remains the same in VR. Construction, mining, and fighting mobs are as easily achievable as they would be on PCs or even mobile devices. Even defeating the Ender Dragon, which is usually seen as the ultimate goal of the game, is fully possible Minecraft RV. But the visual experience is where things start to change. The user interface floats in the middle of the screen instead of sticking to the edges, and the viewfinder moves with the player’s hand using motion controls instead of using a mouse. At least that’s the case with most VR versions of the game. Minecraft because PlayStation VR handles things relatively differently.

In the PSVR editions of Minecraft, the sights are blocked on the player’s head, that is, in order to extract a block where the players are standing, they will have to look directly down. This can make the game a little more annoying for those with motion sickness issues, so it’s worth knowing in advance. But there is a way to avoid the problem. Minecraft The RV includes a living room mode, as introduced in the Rift versions of the game, which places players in the middle of a Minecraft-themed room and run the game on a flat screen in front of them. Generally, Minecraft VR finds a way to stay true to the original versions of the game despite all its mechanical differences.

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