What is Arcadia? – A new virtual reality video game experience that is like “TRON” IRL

Words are important in describing a massively popular new phenomenon.

Take the term “sports“, for example.

With “sports” expressed right here at the root of the word, “sports” suggests a kind of dazzling athletic dexterity: muscle poetry, movement, and mental toughness.

Suggests sweating.

It suggests a raw physicality.

It suggests pushing the body to perform maximum optimization, in a reality defined by the laws of physics.

He suggests sports, in all his roller coasters of emotions, on the court, on the sidelines and in the stands, as spectators.

But the reality?

Guys in chairs, on extremely powerful computers, with headphones like drone operators, crushing buttons with their fingers in very sophisticated virtual worlds.

I know, it’s a reducing attitude.

There is a lot of teamwork and a lot of competition in modern sports.

But is it wrong?

One of the reasons many athletes are misunderstood or frowned upon, for example, by middle-aged football fans, is because it is he called “sports. ”Comparing video game play at the highest level to the athletic achievements of, say, a Tom Brady or LeBron James just doesn’t fit well with certain old fuddy-duddies.

It just doesn’t calculate. Human physicality which has been defined as “sport” for many millennia is simply not apparent, which provokes a contemptuous attitude towards its cultural importance.

Apples against oranges, at least until there is some kind of virtual world that achieves uniqueness with the physical world.

“The future of sports”

CoD, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, i League of Legends they all exist in digital worlds with a fourth wall: the screen itself. Running, jumping, flying and blasting are controlled with the fingers.

Arcadia, however, is a new virtual reality game that puts the player physically in charge of a video game. It’s a virtual world experience that requires really running, jumping and dodging in a completely virtual world.

In short, Arcadia is Tron or Ready Player One in real life.

What is Arcadia?

When it comes to virtual realms, the Arcadia experience is sure to be sweaty and physically exhausting.

Especially compared to the old paradigm of what constitutes the video game.

Here’s how it works:

Arcadia is a complete athletic experience in an immersive virtual world. It allows up to 10 players to compete with each other in a virtual world. All of this takes place in a 10,000-square-foot portable space called Samos Arena, the world’s largest multiplayer VR arena. The arena itself is equipped with its own tracking technology for a unique game.

Unlike the stationary VR experience for a single player, Arcadia was designed to play competitively together, fostering the real connection and physical interaction found in traditional sports.

You can get the summary of the trailer, which has a bit of American Gladiator feel it.


Now you can see why the company calls it “the future of sport”

According to a press release, Arcadia.tv He will soon open the search for his first professional sports players on a six-city tour, called Arcadia Trials.

Players and athletes from across North America will be invited to compete in Arcadia with the chance to be professional, competing as a bona fide Arcadia athlete.

Like anything in 2021, competitions will be held live. Arcadia’s live stream mixes reality with the virtual world thanks to its AR Helio camera system, along with AAA 4K virtual production and player inclusion.

The stream allows viewers to see how athletes move and compete within the virtual arena or follow from the athletes ’POV, getting a full view of what they see in the game.

A virtual world with all kinds of applications:

Arcadia lends itself lots of virtual worlds, that is, it can be removed for all kinds of intellectual property.

Think beyond The Grid, as shown in the trailer above.

Think of totally wasted competitive worlds The matrix.

Imagine, for example, playing against your friends in one Zelda, Mario, o Star Wars-themed world someday.

Depending on the brand, Arcadia content will include original series and IP-themed collaborative activations.

Although plans are vague at the moment, the possibilities are endless, pending licensing agreements with major film and talent studios.

“End of line” – Tron, 1982

Personally, I can’t wait to gather a crew and play. It’s as if the social fun of paintball meets the competitive thrill of video games. Sweaty, exhausting and a lot of fun.

Arcadia seems to sting the urge to want to compete American Gladiator, Legends of the hidden temple, o Budells without having a real time machine.

Unlike video games, Arcadia is a real sport because it is in reality sports.

And that’s why I’m all there.

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