Windlands 2 is getting physical with PlayStation VR this summer: VRFocus

PlayStation VR is still strong after all these years, thanks to the continued support of developers and the fact that it is the only virtual reality (VR) headset where collectors can buy a physical copy of the games. As it is E3 2021 week, Psytec Games and Perp Games have announced that Windlands 2 will not only hit PlayStation VR, but you will also be able to pick up a boxed copy this summer.

At the time the original Windlands challenged the concept of virtual reality locomotion, as spinning was considered too intense and hit most major platforms, including PlayStation VR. When Windlands 2 published in 2018 further enhanced the feeling of swaying through expansive environments. PlayStation VR support was mentioned before the release, but never materialized, so a few years have passed.

In this sequel, players can explore this green land with up to 4 friends, climbing ruins with hooks and a bow destroying giant titans to save the world.

“We are pleased to announce that we are working with Perp Games, a specialist in PSVR, to offer you the boxed version of Windlands 2“We know there’s nothing like picking up PSVR games in a box, especially with PSVR 2 around the corner, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands.”

Windlands 2- screenshot

“Ever since it developed one of the first truly fantastic PlayStation VR games, the Psytec Games team has not risen to the occasion, but has continued to develop the fun and wonder of the Windlands Universe. By adding up to 4 CO-OP players and weapons away, they have created a game in Windlands 2 this will bring countless hours of joy to the virtual reality gaming community, ”said Rob Edwards, CEO of Perp Games.

The versions in digital format and in boxes of Windlands 2 will be available on PlayStation VR in the late summer of 2021. For more platform updates, read on VRFocus.

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