Without specific games, PSVR 2 could be a big mistake for Sony

PSVR 2 is official and, with reports claiming that Sony’s virtual reality device could hit store shelves as early as Christmas 2022, it arrives much earlier than the original PS4 headphones did for this generation of consoles. If you’re one of the lucky few to have caught a PS5, you may not have to wait too long to experience Sony’s next crack in virtual reality technology.

A recent rumor worries me a bit, though, and is that PSVR 2 could see a shift in dedicated VR experiences in favor of “hybrid” titles that admit to playing with or without the PSVR 2 headphones. seems like a big deal on top – after all, having a good choice to play either version is a good thing – I can’t help but feel that Sony is missing out on a great opportunity to make PSVR 2 stay with reality experiences Specifically designed AAA virtual machine, only available on PS5.

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