Young people immerse themselves in professional worlds with 3D glasses

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How do you feel when you pour a concrete roof as a high-rise builder? What exactly does a stoner do? What is the job of a refrigeration technician like?

Virtual reality makes it possible: young Austrians can now live these experiences first hand. Virtual factory visits, the WKO Project, allow you to “immerse yourself” in different professional worlds.

It will be the most intense experience in history WKO professional information centers Command: There are now 60 virtual reality (VR) glasses available throughout Austria. Anyone who puts it on can “teleport” to a company, look around 360 degrees, and have their peers complete their training by providing learning training directly in the workplace.

There are currently 80 information files available with information, 21 of them with the latest full 3D VR technology and surround sound. It will be at the end of the year From 35 to 40 different vocational training It can be experienced from all federal states using virtual reality glasses.

Virtual tours of the factory are also over the computer or notebook It can be accessed through the web application. And access is possible even on the move: that smartphone or plank It serves as a “window” to the virtual world of vocational training. There he managed the function of the gyroscope: rotating 360 degrees and looking around freely.

“The generation of digital natives has grown with interactive media. Virtual reality allows for a fun immersion in the future world of work and offers young people an exciting live experience: do I see myself in this job? “, says Harald Maher, President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKÖ).

“For us it was very important to be very original: there are no actors at work here, but there are real companies and participants who give their work to their senior colleagues on equal terms. Young people are encouraged to focus on different training paths in a short period of time. ”

This overview is important: there are currently about 210 learnings in Austria that the Chamber of Commerce wants to inspire in young people. New articles are added all the time and the course content is constantly updated – which is why individual career guidance offers are so important.

“Through virtual visits to companies, interested young people can examine various job profiles in a short time and identify their interests. It is a perfect complement to the company’s appeal, especially in coronavirus times. And it helps us provide lesser-known off-the-shelf training, “says Mariana Connell, WKÖ’s deputy general secretary. But high-definition videos are also an attractive” business card “for businesses, with which they can ideally present at educational fairs, school visits or hiring.

“We will expand the virtual visits of companies together with companies interested in the next months and years. The feedback is already very positive: the shortage of skilled workers is a huge burden for companies, which is why the struggle for talented young people is intensifying. The business brand has become a decisive factor Competitive factor: virtual visits to factories are an asset here with which companies can register, ”says Maher.

The project arose in 2019 from a project of the association “Teaching in Vorarlberg” with the virtual reality company Innsbruck Mediasquad & and was awarded the “Silver Victoria” by the Business Film Festival in 2020 .As part of the WKO educational offensive, the project is interactively improving and continuously expanding. (PWK225 / HSP)

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