Your boss may be practicing to fire you in virtual reality

The power of the middle administration will be in the palm of your hands, as the on-the-job training company Talespin has launched a shooting simulator.

Talespin, a workplace training company specializing in VR, launched a bizarre workplace simulator in which you have the task of firing virtual workers to teach you leadership skills and emotional intelligence. This means that your boss can play his ultimate fantasy of shooting you mercilessly over and over again. The simulation was created for administrators, but can also be useful for people who just want to get some steam out at the end of the day.

Although strange from the outset, RV has become an increasingly popular tool for on-the-job training, mainly due to the sense of immersion involved in using virtual reality. . “Soft skills are ranked among the most important for any organization as they discuss their needs for the future of work.”Said Talespin CEO Kyle Jackson MIT Technology Review. Big companies like Chipotle and Walmart are already using RV as a means to train employees, so expect to see a couple of glasses in your office soon.

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In Talespin’s “game,” you sit at a desk in an office. On your desk is a computer screen with the file of the man sitting in front of you, old Barry. Barry or a selection of other AI workers are quietly waiting for the news that their time at your company is over. Depending on how things go during the stage, Barry will leave quietly, cry or explode in rage. The goal of the stage is to let someone go without causing any scenes. Barry follows a definite script, which means the game can only be so immersive due to the lack of real human reaction despite its stunning graphic details.

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PSVR Playstation virtual reality headset

Virtual reality has become increasingly popular since Facebook acquired Oculus for $ 2 billion and the global VR market is estimated to surpass $ 57 billion in 2027 according to Fortune Business Insights. Currently, the largest virtual reality company in the world is Sony, with a market share of 36.7% from 2019 according to 2019 Statistician. Although the packages of this RV training simulator are available at Talespin’s , the software is not available on the Steam market, so don’t expect to see it Shooting simulator speed on Twitch soon.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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