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Zack Snyder revealed in May that the apocalyptic, zombie-infested world he created on Netflix Army of the Dead would hit the road this summer with a “really immersive” virtual reality experience. Snyder teased that fans of the film, or anyone with a predisposition to choose the hyper-fast undead and blood-soaked undead, would have the opportunity to get on a Sin City Tacos truck and join the Las Vengeance team to recover some survivors. Now is the time and it is the first place to welcome travelers Viva Las Vengeance The experience is the roof on the 5th floor of Westfield Century City.

Presented by Netflix with partners Pure Imagination Studios, Fever and The Stone Quarry, Viva Las Vengeance open to the public on July 28, a day after a preview for VIP and press. The 30-minute experience gives participants the opportunity to select an avatar and firepower before embarking on one of the site’s two tactical taco trucks. Each group (up to six at a time) is presented with a brief virtual introduction to the mission of crew member Cruz, played by Ana de la Reguera. After that, it’s time to take a stand on the motorized truck, put on some VR headsets, grab a gun, and try to survive the trip.

Viva Las Vengeance: a virtual reality experience
Andrew Toth / Getty Images for Netflix

Greg Lombardo, head of Netflix experiments, said the broadcast is “delighted” to provide it Army of the Dead fans will be able to experience hordes of zombies in real life. “The zombie-infested world of Las Vegas Zack created is bigger than life and was only appropriate to harness the immersive power of virtual reality to bring fans closer to the action and join the Las Vengeance crew.” Lombardo explained. “We are always looking for new ways to immerse our fans in the stories they love. Virtual reality is definitely a way to do that. “

The virtual reality experience part of the event lasts about 12 minutes and, once the game is over, participants can search for merchandise, put in a photo booth and refuel at a dealership stand with a menu of SBE’s C3 food technology platform that includes tacos-inspired items like Zombie Mulitas, Tacos Alphas and the Viva Burrito.

Pure Imagination Studios head Josh Wexler compared it to bringing a theme park directly to people. “It’s a virtual reality experience with a level of immersion that honestly compares to the best of what Disney and Universal have,” he noted. “Zack built a fun and fantastic world and took a look at the genre that had never been seen before. Just outside the door, it was something different and, as soon as we saw the armored taco, that’s when the bells rang ”.

Plans began to be developed in late 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic threw a key in some of the plans, including the acquisition of necessary taco trucks. Demand for delivery-style vehicles increased, making it difficult to acquire a fleet needed to develop the travel experience that will be released in cities around the world. Viva Las Vengeance will remain in Century City until September 12 with New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC and London opening in the coming weeks. “Future cities to rescue” include Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Phoenix with planned international locations in Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

“It is a massive company to carry out an experience like this in current times. Add a pandemic and you also have supply chain problems, from taco trucks to microchips and batteries, “Wexler said.” We built our own tacos. “

Now that they got it, it would seem likely that the experience would find a permanent home, either in an existing theme park or in a location in a major city like Las Vegas. But Lombardo was not prepared to debate the future. “Our focus is on touring and offering our members the United States and Europe the opportunity to go from foot to foot with the hordes of zombies.”

You can find more information about the event, tickets and reservations here.

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Viva Las Vengeance: a virtual reality experience
Andrew Toth / Getty Images for Netflix

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