Zero Latency Perth: Far Cry VR Launch: Immerse yourself in madness

A global Far-Cry experience exclusively on Zero Latency VR.

Zero Latency VR has brought an insane virtual reality gaming experience like never before.

The famous game console and PC Far Cry, internationally recognized, is now available for players to experience it in virtual reality and we can confirm it after testing it ourselves that meets all expectations.

Game fans and new players will be totally impressed by some incredibly good graphics and an authentic, action-packed world that captures you from the moment you step in.

Check out the images from our game below:

The game

You and your teammates are the heroes of this Far Cry VR experience.

Imagine: Arrive on a tropical island to spend a lifetime vacation with your friends. The crystal clear water surrounds you as you stroll along the soft sandy beaches and immerse yourself in the summer sun, until you are captivated by the iconic evil Vaas and his army of minions and your dream vacation becomes more in a nightmare.

After being imprisoned, Vaas and his gang of misfits are hungry for some entertainment. Free yourself to escape in a broken game invented by pirates to hunt you in the sport.

Your mission is to find your way through the Jungle Glove of the warlord by working together to escape the island and your captors safely. But be warned, there are some unexpected twists that will make you question everything as you come face to face with the definition of madness. Remember: collaboration is the key to your success.

Up to eight players can take part in the game and Zero Latency wins you over with accessories, packages, glasses and headphones so you can fully immerse yourself in the jungle environment and communicate with your teammates.

The arena has plenty of room to move around and you will completely forget where you are once you enter.

Where can I play?

Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity is available exclusively on Zero Latency VR, which can be found at 248 Newcastle Street in Perth.


The game costs AUD 59 per person and lasts 30 minutes.

Book your place now at Zero Latency VR.

Who are VR Latency Zero?

Zero Latency VR is proudly owned by Australia and is recognized as the world’s most advanced free roaming virtual reality experience. Their VR experience allows you to fully immerse yourself and interact with the games without the burden of connecting to cables and wires.

They have a growing list of engaging virtual reality experiences that can accommodate up to eight players, so once you’ve tried Far Cry, you can go back and try your hand at even more captivating worlds.

Our review

Two of us got into the game without ever having played Far Cry or even had a virtual reality experience, and it certainly didn’t impress us at all.

The graphics and sounds around it made you feel like you had really entered the world of Rook Island and like someone who had never tried RV before, I couldn’t believe how real it felt.

The plot of the game was full of action and surprises from start to finish, and without giving away any spoilers, the final scenes were mind-boggling epic and tense me to the end. Surprisingly, it’s a bit of a workout and in the end you’ll come out hot and sweaty.

All we can say is that if you’re thinking about trying it out, it’s worth doing a bit of hype and an experience you should definitely not miss.

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