Zoom to start live transcription services; Soon Facebook VR support

Zoom, a well-known video conferencing service, announced that it will launch support for live automatic transcription with live translation. Zoom, at a popular zoomtopia conference, had said it would introduce new changes to the system and also plans to transform the feature into a complete application that will allow users to do much more than attend video conferencing.

By the end of next year Zoom plans to provide users with live transcription in at least thirty languages. This feature will be introduced as live automatic transcripts and will provide English subtitles to all zoom accounts. While attending the conference, if a user does not understand the language of the speaker, the user can get the help of the live automatic transcription feature which will translate and provide subtitles on the screen.

However, Zoom has not confirmed the languages ​​that will be added to this feature, but they have stated that they have achieved this breakthrough as a direct result of the machine learning experience with the help of a German translation company called Kites. .

Zoom has a feature that helps users create a whiteboard and share it between the screen during a meeting. This feature has proven to be very useful for professionals such as people working in IT companies, marketing or teachers. Zoom gained fame in early 2020, when the global pandemic hit the world and almost all countries were strictly closed, offices were closed, schools and colleges were closed, but thanks to Zoom and many other teleconferencing service applications.

Now Zoom has decided to make some changes to this whiteboard feature. The whiteboard created during meetings can now be shared outside of meetings using the zoom website or the zoom app.

Zoom will offer support for Facebook VR next year. The shared virtual reality meeting room can link the whiteboard to zoom while making a video call or meeting. Users can now connect zoom whiteboards to virtual meetings so everyone can see them in the virtual reality virtual space.

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